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Last modified : November 30 1999

In-flight entertainment and services

Check out the page, In-flight entertainment and services for information on all in-flight entertainment available on board like WIFI, mobile services, individual screens broadcasting languages and earpieces.

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In-flight entertainment refers to services provided on board of planes during a flight. The services in some cases may be free of charge and in other cases offered by . In flight entertainment is included in order to upgrade quality of life on board and at the same time fulfills the needs of the passengers during flight as far as possible.

provides in-flight video programs on its N/A flights with approximately N/A movies translated into up to N/A languages available on N/A screen. N/A channels are offered to watch news, bulletins, cultural information and other programs. Up to N/A radio programs and N/A newest cds are offered on board of N/A flights, allowing the passengers to listen to the latest songs, soundtracks and news. offers N/A different types of games on N/A flights.

On flights duty free shopping is N/A available. Worldwide satellite communications are N/A available for in-flight communication for passengers to receive and make calls during a flight. The price on board flight for in-flight communication is approximately N/A pounds per minute. In-flight Internet is N/A available to passengers on board of for emailing, VOID and conferencing.


Powerports on board are N/A available. Furthermore various meals are served on board accompanied by different soft drinks, wines and appetizers. Many airline companies are investing in different technologies to be able to offer WIFI access on board.

Whatever the passengers preferences are, in-flight entertainment on board its different flights have a variety of services in order that they satisfy everyone’s specific needs.

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