Simple information on airline companies updated by airlines and the 255590 reviews and opinions after a flight.

Airline comparison guide and seat pitch

At the time of the reservation of a package, the travel agency can communicate to you up to 5 airline companies on which you are likely to fly.

You can compare up to 4 airlines with the airline comparison guide on the following criteria: seat pitch also known as legroom - Country of origin - Type of company - Type of company - Year of creation - Alliance - Share Code - Passengers per annum - Number of planes - Type of planes - Label - Note of the travellers. Airline pitch and in-flight entertainment widget is now available here.
AIR VALID proposes to you in Bta version to compare 4 airline companies among most widely used airline companies departure from France.
EU legislation requires all travellers to be informed of the identity of the airline which will actually operate any flight to or from an EU airport, or as part of a journey which begins or ends in the EU. And if the operator changes, the passenger should be informed of the identity of the new airline at the earliest opportunity.
Here the list of the airline companies available in the comparator unit of flights and airline companies. These companies constitute 80% of air tickets bought by the travellers in the world on regular, charters and low cost airline companies.
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