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air ticket Algiers (ALG)
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Air ticket Algiers (ALG) : Reviews and opinions of passengers

3.305 7061

The rating for air flights from or to Algiers (ALG) is given as an indication. If the number of reviews submitted for this flight is weak, the note is not inevitably representative. To see other cities for which we have reviews, consult the page of air ticket Algeria

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Air ticket Algiers (ALG) : Reviews and opinions of passengers

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Algiers is also known as the white is the capital and the largest city of Algeria. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. The city of Algiers extends on an area of 363 km² and has a population of 3,574,000 according to the 2010 census.

The city of Algiers has a Mediterranean climate with hot and humid summers and mild and humid winters.

Algiers was founded by Bologhine ibn Ziri in 944. In 1148 Roger II of Sicily conquered the city then the Almohades invaded Algiers in 1159, and in the 13th century the Ziyanid sultans of Tiemcen took over the city. In the 18th century a French army under General de Bourmont attacked the city in the 1830 invasion of Algiers. The city surrendered the following day and Algiers became the capital of French Algeria.

Today Algiers has a number of Tourist Attractions. This charming city lies in the north central region of the country. The city is teeming with several places of interest that are surely worth to explore such as Monument of Martyrs, the Kasbah quarter, the Ketchaoua Mosque and many more sightseeing places. From the prehistoric rock art of Tassili n’Ajje to impressive palaces and botanical gardens in Algiers, there is sure to be something to cater for most tastes.

Traveller services Algiers (ALG)

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Companies offering air tickets for Algiers (ALG)

The list of the airline companies offering air tickets commuting to and from Algiers (ALG) was created according to the reviews and opinions left by the passengers and are thus not exhaustive. If no review or opinion has been submitted for this destination and this company, this one will not appear in the list even if it does offer air tickets commuting to and from Algiers (ALG).

Destinations on departure or arrival from Algiers (ALG)

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Note of passengers for Alger (ALG)

7061 reviews


13.22 / 20

Feeling of security


Acces controls to the plane

13.57 / 20


Type of plane

13.29 / 20


Exterior aspect of the plane

13.45 / 20


Interior aspect of the plane

13.18 / 20


Copilot and captain attitude

14 / 20


Hostesses and stewards attitude

14 / 20

Feeling of comfort


Boarding / departure lounge

13.17 / 20


Cleanliness of the plane

13.37 / 20


Your seat

12.67 / 20


Attitude of the crew

13.62 / 20



12.08 / 20


Conditions of arrival of luggages

12.81 / 20

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