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Last modified : November 30 1999

Luggage services

You will find all the information regarding luggage services of including luggage on board, cabin luggage, hand luggage and conditions of luggage on arrival.

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To date, the airline company holds no information about the Luggage service conditions.

On board luggages

Each airline company applies its own rules with regards to luggage allowance, both in the cabin and in the cargo hold. These rules fix the amount of luggage allowed in the cabin and the amount of luggage allowed in the cargo hold. As well as specify the permitted dimensions of luggage. In the same way the luggage cabins are regulated according to size and contents with safety guidelines applied in the whole world. The quantity and weight of luggage per passenger vary according to the class of your destination and air ticket. offers passengers all the information regarding the number of luggage and weight allowed per passenger.

Regarding unaccompanied and excess luggage, we recommend that you find out from the agent at which you purchased your ticket. They will inform you of the exact specifications according to the airline company . If you do not manage to join , you can contact Air Tickets Infos.

Luggage services

In order for you to travel abroad and in France with luggage, Air Valid has sought out suppliers and service providers for attentive luggage services. These services include at home, door to door, unaccompanied luggage and excess luggage. Air Valid has also found a manufacturer partner for small cases able to transport liquids and perfumes in the cabin.

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