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Last Modified : February 21 2018

Seat Pitch & Onboard Services Emirates

Check this page for Emirates in-flight services, Emirates pitch offered in economy class, business class and first class and also the in-flight entertainment offered by the company such as WIFI, broadcast film, broadcast languages, individual screens, earphones, magazine, on board shopping.

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Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates (Dubaï) Emirats Arabes Unis (Dubaï) flag
Company: National
Type: Regular
Date Created: 1985

Type of planes:

Airbus, Boeing

Source: Emirates - 2014

Average Rating “ Seat Comfort” :

15.25 / 20

Based on 2175 reviews, all trips and classes together.
Airline company Emirates


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Emirates Seat Pitch

The pitch also called legroom is defined as the space between two rows of seats. In other words, it is the distance between the back of a seat and the seat behind it.

Each airline has its own seat configuration on board depending on the aircraft models. This configuration depends on the type of aircraft that serves a specific route as well as the type of journey that is, long-haul, medium-haul or short haul.

Pitch or legroom available on board

The Pitch or legroom available to passengers on each aircraft depends on the chosen class at the time of the ticket booking. The Pitch or legroom proposed on board varies according to the different available classes of the airline company, that is, First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class.

The Pitch or legroom, which is the distance between two seats as shown above, proposed by Emirates varies according to the class.

On First Class flights, the pitch is 62 to 86 inches for international flights.
The pitch offered by the airline for a trip in Business Class is 46 to 60 inches for international flights.
Emirates offers a pitch of 32.6 inches in Economy Class.

See also the airline seat maps for up to date information on Emirates seats featuring the airline’s seat map, detailed descriptions of seats, meals and aircrafts on first class, business class or economy class.

BCBP - Bar Coded Boarding Pass

The airline company, Emirates offers BCBP - Bar Coded Boarding Pass, a service that allows boarding using mobile phones to its passengers.

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