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Airline In-flight entertainment and services

In-flight entertainment refers to services provided on board an aircraft during the flight. The services in some cases may be free of charge and in other cases offered by the airline company. In flight entertainment is included in order to upgrade quality of life on board and at the same time fulfill the needs of the passengers during a flight as far as possible.


Some of the criteria include airline companies, flight type – whether long or short haul, class configuration and booking Class

The in-flight entertainment on board, include in-flight magazine, in-flight video programs, meals, food, drinks, WIFI, shopping, LCD screen TV, power outlet for laptops, Audio. Many airline companies are actually investing on in-flight internet, USB port and in-flight communication.

Many airline companies are including in-flight internet and WIFI on board of their long haul flights thanks to Gogo technology and Aircell. This allows the passenger to connect to internet, send emails and do video conferencing. Although video conferencing is not available with Aircell the passengers can still have access to Internet. In-flight entertainment now counts the use of telephone and mobiles with the implementation of mobile providers on board like Aero Mobile and Onair.

Furthermore In-flight entertainment offers the passengers the opportunity to listen to music or radio. Various types of music and different radio channels are available on board allowing the passengers to listen to the latest songs, soundtracks and news. To keep passengers busy during a flight, many airline companies now include in-flight video and thus an individual screen TV for individual choice of movies from around the world.

In-flight magazines and press are available with many interesting topics written by prominent journalists like travel, places of interests, people, entertainment, business and lifestyle depending on the origin of the airline company.

Whatever the passion and the likes of the passengers, in-flight entertainment on board an aircraft during a flight have a variety of services so as to satisfy their specific needs.

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