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Luggage services at residence and door-to-door

Luggage and air transport


The world air traffic increases each year by 5%. At the same time, the airports are blocked by the management of flows of passengers, increasingly sophisticated, from the reinforced security constraints in particular since September 11, 2001.

controls of the luggage in soute of each passenger are a brake in the management of these flows. Nearly 20 controls are to be realized on these luggage in less than 2 hrs, before takeoff. Measurements of restriction on the liquid contained in luggage in box also overload the flows and thus the access time to the aircraft.

Due the limited capacities of the airport infrastructure and the clogging of the traffic of passengers, the errors in the routing of the luggage increase and create a dissatisfaction.

Provisions of services of luggage at residence


These events are at the origin of the arrival services of luggage at residence, intended for upscale customers and which are proposed at the time of the reservation of a stay or an air ticket in travel agencies. Then its door to door services of luggage or at residence were popularized throughout the world, before even the airline companies start to invoice the assumption of responsibility of luggage in hold.

But, since the reinforcement of the rules as regards to safety in 2006, the number of companies in the United States and the United Kingdom which propose services of luggage at residence and door-to-door for an accessible price explodes. Agreements of freight and transport between these companies and principal forwarding agents of the world whose FEDEX, UPS,… guarantee the routing of the luggage and bags, instead of final residence.

In order to bring to you a quality service in the services of luggage, Air Valid selected the recognised partners for your particular needs. The interfaces of some of these companies are sometimes in English, but we will propose to you in the next weeks and thanks to our agreements, the possibility of reserving the assumption of responsibility of your bags, by telephone or on a site in French language.

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