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air ticket Mandalay (MDL)
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Air ticket Mandalay (MDL) : Reviews and opinions of passengers

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Air ticket Mandalay (MDL) : Reviews and opinions of passengers

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Located on the banks of the Irrawaddy, Mandalay is the second largest city of Burma. It was the last Royal capital, between 1860 and 1885, under the Konbaung Dynasty. On the so called the 'city of gems', for its renowned jade. It is today the administrative capital of the region of Mandalay. The city of Mandalay stretches over an area of 118..36 km2 and has a population of 1.2 million inhabitants.

Mandalay is the major trading center in central and northern Burma. There are dozens of restaurants selling at nightfall, skewers of grilled meat accompanied by fresh beer, shops and lively gleaming buildings. Most trade with China and India also pass through the city. The traditional industries most important are the weaving of silk, the manufacturing of plaits, the size of jade (that of Burma is regarded as best world), stone and wood, the manufacturing of statues of the Buddha out of marble or wooden, as well as other religious objects like money and gold sheets, clock industry, the mixing of beer and the distillation of alcohol.

Things to visit in Mandalay are:

Mandalay Fort - In the center of Mandalay, at the bottom of the Mandalay Hill, the Fort, an impressive square enclosure is held surrounded by ditches of 75meters of width! Each face of this gigantic square measures 2km; as much to say that if you want to make the turn of it, that will take time! I did not return inside but one can see the Palais Royal there. The strong one was mainly destroyed at the time as of bombardments by the British; It now has administrative and military functions.

Kuthodaw Pagoda -The Kuthodaw in Mandalay pagoda contains 729 stelae of Alabaster, on which is engraved the sacred text of Buddhism. The site is rather curious with all the lines that surround the central stupa. If you wanted to print the text of the Buddhist canon, it should not be less than 38 volumes.

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