Simple information on 1681 airline companies updated by airlines and the 255590 reviews and opinions after a flight.

AIR VALID professional services on 1st January 2008

The professional space of the site AIR VALID is accessible at the top on the right of each page of the site. This space proposes a menu which makes it possible to the professional to choose his quality and to inform only the fields necessary to integrate or inherit information and xml flow , coming from the information systems of AIR VALID on the models of purchase of key words and integration of known advertisements of the webmasters.

AIR VALID proposes the access to information available in the data base in the form of products and services intended for 4 specific targets:

  • The Tour Operators recover online the links to insert on the sites or agencies and regulate the fixed prices associated with these services if they choose the PAYING mode. In all the cases, the “FREE” option forces them to be recorded and accept the General Conditions of provision of the contents of the data base of AIR VALID.
  • The Advertisers reach their interface of follow-up of campaign with the possibility of leaving a message to the advertising control.
  • The Partners recover lines of script to generate a link towards AIR VALID in the form of line of text, banner or logo with a summary description.
  • The Airline companies ask for the creation of a new company, the modification or the update of an identity card.

Each interface with AIR VALID, including the “FREE” option makes it compulsory for the partner to provide a minimum of information :

    • Address URL of the Web site intended to integrate links towards AIR VALID
    • A valid email address
    • The name and first name of a person in charge
    • telephone
    • City/ Region
    • Country


    Online Agency Offers :

    AIR VALID proposes to online travel agencies to come directly on the AIR VALID site to obtain necessary documentation and conditions to profit from priviledged links and access towards AIR VALID.

    Two primary options are offered to provide information of AIR VALID to the Net surfers :

    • A “FREE” option which allows exchange of contents with back links,
    • A “PAYING” option calculated by number of visitors monthly and which proposes only the mark AIR VALID (without advertiser).

    The “FREE” fixed price allows to benefit from :

    • A technical note of integration of the links and the recommendations of insertion of links “Airline companies Information” on the site.
    • A technical assistance for integration(by email only).
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    The “PAYING” Fixed price allows to benefit from :

    • A technical note of integration of links and the recommendations of insertion of links “Airline companies Information” on the site.
    • A technical assistance for integration (by email only).
    • A private access for the reservation agents in order to print information of the companies and insertion in the trip logbook.
    • The possibility of integrating automatic email on request of customers on the flying conditions.
    • The possibility of integrating points given by Net surfers on your pages.
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    Integration and the technical assistance necessary to the implementation of the returned customers are invoiced (according to the platforms used and of specific expectations on behalf of the agency. They require a contact between our engineering department and the development teams of the agency.

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    In all the cases, the contents of the questionnaire are defined by AIR VALID on a basic model for a coherence of data in the database.

    Travel agencies traditional offer(Offer reserved to the networks of agencies) :
    AIR VALID proposes to travel agencies access to the “Secured” area of the AIR VALID site concerning identity of companies and XML feeds in order to feed their Intranet site if required, extranet or Internet.

    The integration requires the intervention of the technical team of AIR VALID with the IT direction and webmaster of the partner.

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    Offer of IT providers :

    AIR VALID proposes to IT providers for their customers in tourism, the provision of a database with an update as XML feed in order to make available forms “INFOS” in the interfaces that the agency, client providers, use to propose a flight.

    This service makes it possible for the agency to communicate to the customers requiring information. This card is in addition printable to be inserted in the notebook of voyage of the customer and comprises URL of the AIR VALID site, making it possible to the customer to obtain infinite information on the company.

    For this service, and after integration the agency regulates an annual subscription with AIR VALID. Integration requires the intervention of the technical teams of AIR VALID and those of the people receiving benefits in informatique.

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    The Offer intended for the sites of contents :
    AIR VALID proposes to inherit the forms of airline companies as XML feed in order to insert this information on the pages of their sites. This information will also be able to distibute on paper media.

    For the diffusion of contents on line, AIR VALID proposes an annual fixed price (by section of 100 cards) including/understanding the update of the donné be.

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    2. Advertisers

    AIR VALID has an advertising control in dedicated line. The advertising marketing of spaces is entrusted to the agency of communication “ADD VIBES”. The new advertisers can leave a message in this space in order to be contacted.
    The advertisers customers access advertising section via “Secured space”, directly on the AIR VALID site.

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    3. Affiliates

    Functionalities of affiliates

    AIR VALID proposes free of charge airline widgets to webmasters. A list of these widgets is available on the airline widgets corner of the Air Valid websites. Webmasters using these widgets have the possibility to be featured on our affiliate corner where we can link to their homepages*. The airline widgets can be installed within minutes even by a novice. Air Valid also makes it possible to recover lines of script to generate a link towards the AIR VALID site in the form of “line of text”, “of banner” or “logo with a summary description”. There is no financial counterpart for the affiliate.
    These links can point either on the home page of the AIR VALID site or by airline companies according to their country of origin (for example: Airline companies in Tunisia). We will be grateful to your suggestions, and we will keep studying your ideas, make improvements as per your requests and implement it for you as soon as possible.

    *Conditions apply
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    4. Airline companies

    Functionalities of Airline companies

    AIR VALID proposes to the airline companies to ask for the creation of a identify form or to update and modify existing contents. For this purpose, the online interface allows to create this form or to modify existing contents. The applicant must however provide elements on his qualities as well as telephone and email details in order to allow AIR VALID team to verify the qualities of the applicant and proposed contents.

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