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Last modified : September 10 2013

Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight reservation information

Find all commercial information on Saudi Arabian Airlines for confirmation of a flight or a reconfirmation on return flight of Saudi Arabian Airlines and sales office contact, lost luggage contact and annual report summary.

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Saudi Arabian Airlines
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Saudi Arabian Airlines

Country of origin: Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia flag
IATA code: SV
OACI code: SVA
Company: National
Type: Regular
Date created: 1945

Address Head Office:

cc 796_loc 130
P.O. Box 620
21231 Jeddah
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Contact Head Office:

Tel : 96626864588
Fax : 96626864587

Commercial address France:

34 avenue Georges V

75008 Paris

Commercial Contact:

Tel : 0144372327/28

Contacts Lost of Luggages:

Tel :

Source: 2014 - Saudi Arabian Airlines

Average age of the fleet:

No records found

Number and manufacturers of airlines:

11 Airbus
6 Beechcraft
58 Boeing
2 Falcon
13 Grumman
17 Lockheed
29 McDonnell Douglas
8 Piper
1 Twin Otter

Staring hub:

Airport International de Jeddah-King Abdulaziz

Source: Saudi Arabian Airlines - 2014

Summary of annual report:

Number of employees:

23 683

Source: 2014 - Saudi Arabian Airlines
Airline company Saudi Arabian Airlines


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