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Travel insurance and repatriation assistance

Fly safely with travel insurance

Climatic, medical catastrophes and terrorists have struck the mind of people and makes one of the headlines by deeply affecting the world of travels and by rebound, that of the insurances. Aware today that to be well-insured can be a pledge of successful holidays, the potential traveller asks oneself heaps of questions as for his insurance and awaits answers adapted to the transformations of our environment.

Today, the insurers have really made their products evolved and try to offer new services. We have an insurance that corresponds with each profile. Still is it necessary to find itself and know how to take the initiative !

This is why we propose to you to see thus a little more clearly in the nebula of the contracts as regards to the travel insurances and here is a small review to know the importance that you are of a stressed nature or carefree vis-a-vis the travel which arises.

Plethora of formulas exist in order to light departure! Which are the contracts of travel insurances adapted to your needs? What do they really cover? What do you have at the present time without knowing about it ?...

Various levels of insurance exist. L'insurance assistance/rapatriation represents the minimum generally included in the packages suggested by Tour-Operators (TO). The multirisks moreover offer the following guaranties : cancellation, luggages, death benefits. assurance tous risque, The comprehensive insurance is the most complete, also takes into account the climatic risks, terrorists, damage or voluntary liquidation.

Concerning health insurance, provide yourself with european sickness insurance card before leaving or subscribe to a private insurance souscrivez for the destinations outside UE.

Are you already insured ?

Before signing the contract proposed by your travel agencies, a small verification of the contract of your bank card is a must. Indeed, we are three million French to have an insurance travel at the year included in certain top-of-the-range charts or suggested to the purchase (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and others). If you wish to benefit from it, do not forget to check if it is necessary for you or not to pay your trip with, to render the guarantees applicable. In addition, certain contracts subscribed for the house, health or the car near mutual insurance company and insurance companies also include travel insurance.

At the time of the reservation of a stay, the travel agencies must propose a travel insurance to you. This legal obligation makes it possible to the traveller to have the possibility of securing two principal risks against: cancellation before the departure because of incapacity to carry out the stay, due to a disease, an accident or a personal reason; and the repatriation in the event of accident or of contracted disease on the spot.

The different Insurances

Insurance cancellation

Insurance cancellation allows to compensate for the economic damage caused by the expenses invoiced by the agency in the event of cancellation on your behalf. Without this subscription, this one preserves whole or part of the amount of the travel according to the date of cancellation. In general, the countdown begins 30 days before the departure for stays and sudden flights and 60 days for cruising. Thus, check carefully the Insurance Cancellation Modification of Travel before signing.

The Repatriation Assistance

The Repatriation Assistance and the refunding of the medical expenses are essential guarantees. In the event of accident, of hospitalization or disease at the time of a stay abroad, it is imperative to ensure you of the assumption of responsibility of these expenses. Indeed, an operation with US or on certain islands can cost up to ten times more expensive than in France. Lastly, the destination and the object of the stay are factors to be taken into account. Seaside stays, cruising, weekends in amusement park, thalasso or holidays on the mountain do not require the same guarantees of assistance. To know : If you buy a package manufactured by a tour operator, the price includes/understands usually a guarantee of basic repatriation assistance. It covers also the repatriation of the body in the event of death. On the other hand, if you go to ski on the mountain or not, a guarantee which covers the expenses of research and help is highly recommended.

The multi-risks insurance

Concerning the other usual risks that you may encounter while travelling, the legislator envisaged a certain number of texts which relate to the disaster of a luggage, the death or a flight delay. It may be difficult sometimes to be heard by a company. Thus, by subscribing a contract of insurance, the insurer will compensate you and exert in his turn the recourse near the airline companies.

In complement of the basic guarantees, the travel agencies thus propose packages of multi-risks insurances that contain other guarantees :

Loss, Flight, Deterioration, and Delay of Luggages : Compensation due to a damage to the insured luggages during its trip and/or its stay.

Interruption of stay : Partial Refunding of stay at prorata temporis in case of repatriation in France.

Civil Responsibility of Traveller : Dealing with the material and body damages that the policy-holder would have caused during his trip.

Repatriation Assistance and reinforced Medical Expenses : Intervention followed by a medical problem, family, legal or practical occurring during the trip of the policy-holder.

Flight delay : Refunding of a lump sum in case of flight delay more than two, four or six hours.

The multi-risks +

Some Tours Operators and the travel agencies, concerned to dissociate from competition finally add surplus guarantees in the insurance package

Cancellation Anything But / All Causes : following a cancellation before the departure due to a guaranteed event for widened reasons.

Guaranteed Attack : Possibility of cancelling a trip in case of degradation of a political situation at the destination of the trip

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